JoeBusiness ::: Harry Styles Gets Boozy With Jacuzzi Floozy…Or Does He?

Harry and Taylor 3


So here, sadly, we are. Just 48 days after the JoeBusiness article that covered the blossoming romance between Harry Styles and Taylor Swift, it’s over. Apparently they had a blazing row and the relationship is now over. Oh well, it’s a shame for them but as I mentioned in the original article, their personal lives are personal so I’m sure they had their reasons.


What I take umbrage with is, is the angle almost all of the press have gone with, which is a half-baked tale of Harry jetting off to Sir Richard Branson’s luxury Necker Island, which is true (also how annoying is it that he gets to do that?) and then cavorting with a Bravo TV (Huh?) presenter by the name of Hermione Way (Ummm?). Now they may have cavorted, romped or even found themselves in a comprising embrace but in none of the articles I read is there any bloody proof! One unnamed source from The Sun (bound to be a bastion of reliability then) claimed: “There was a lot of flirting in the tub and Hermione was loving the attention as they necked champagne and gobbled sushi.” Sorry what!? That conjures the image of a couple of squatting Gollums, slopping champers down their faces while picking bits of manky fish from the frothing waters of the hot tub. What a supremely un-erotic or suggestive phrase ‘gobbled sushi’ is! I’m aware this may not seem like a big deal but I took one look at the picture of Harry sitting in the Jacuzzi, three places away from the young lady in question, behaving totally innocently and it made me feel rather sorry for him. That’s right, I feel sorry for hunky, millionaire heart throb Harry Styles… I think my compassion gland ain’t be working properly cos I couldn’t give a toss about the orphans! Joking… It’s not so much the story in particular but the wider problem it represents.


Harry and Taylor have broken up and there’s no suggestion of infidelity on the part of the pube-headed lothario, which has deeply upset the press as that’s what they were desperately hoping for but never ones to let the truth get in the way of a good story, some showbiz reporters began beavering away (something it’s unclear whether Harry was doing on the island!) to create the most salacious story possible from a very limited array of facts. I’m surprised I haven’t yet seen a headline that reads something like: ‘Harry knobs bird in posh bath, Taylor sad, what a stud/bastard!’ or at the very least ‘Harry gets boozy with Jacuzzi floozy!’


To paraphrase Michael Corleone, I am part of the same hypocrisy and make my living presenting or writing about the world of entertainment but facts are very important to me as firstly, the idea of getting something wrong, whether in an interview or an article, is deeply embarrassing and also it’s a way of saying ‘I am a professional and I care about getting things right.’ However, I don’t know what these people are being asked to do by their editors and those they report to and I’m lucky enough to work for people who, while wanting the best possible reaction to any piece of work, also value the truth and journalistic integrity. Also, you’ll be amazed to discover, sex sells so I suppose the urge to give the people what they want must be too strong.


I’m sure I’m guilty of conjecture or innuendo when I haven’t had all the information and I’m sure it was all just so I could pen an infantile line I couldn’t resist, at some innocent celebrity’s expense but I can honestly say I’ve never used ‘an inside source’, ‘a friend’ or ‘a source close to the star’ or any other spurious euphemism for utter made-up waffle to give a juicy and apposite quote and the fact that this device is still so flagrantly used does make me wonder if it’s right but also in a country where, rightly, the sanctity of sources is valued, what’s to be done?

Published on IAmMusic.TV, 10th Jan 2013

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