JoeBusiness ::: US Election, R-Patz’s Weird Kissing And Example Annoys Wigan

Katy Perry - vote Obama

Welcome back to JoeBusiness and we kick off in week 2 with a story about a little-publicised election in the US. Barack Obama defeated the brilliantly-named Republican cyborg Mitt Romney to be re-elected as President for another 4 year term. But we don’t care about the effect on the global economy; how effective Obama will actually be in implementing his policies with the Repubicans still holding a majority in the House of Representatives; or indeed the long-term future of the Republican Party and it’s policies in a country who’s ethnic and social make-up no longer bears relevance to it’s outlook. Oh no no no… we care about celeb reaction and those famous little dingbats have been Tweeting in their droves!

Lady Gaga proclaimed herself ‘…proud to be American tonight’, Rihanna (who’s from Barbados…not America) wrote ‘Put one in da air for the Prez!!!’ … Clearly literacy needs to be high on the agenda Barack. There were numerous other pleased celebs, including Jay-Z and Beyonce, Katy Perry and famed rabbit roasting connoisseur Hugh Hefner (apparently he’s a very keen chef). Obama’s victory Tweet (@BarackObama) reading simply ‘Four more years’ and including a picture of him and the first lady hugging became the most Retweeted ever. The same picture broke the record for most ‘Like’s on Facebook.

However one public figure who wasn’t best pleased was gazillionaire Donald Trump who lamented Romney’s defeat by saying ‘Our country is now in serious and unprecedented trouble…like never before.’…. Ummm American Civil War, The Great Depression, GEORGE W. BUSH!!!! Ring any bells Donald? Anyway the joke’s on him because his second name is still a word schoolchildren use to mean fart, so there.

In other news, with another blooming Twilight film on the way (Breaking Dawn Part 2, out November 15th), the cast have been doing the rounds on the chat shows and vamp hunk Robert Pattinson made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live show where he announced he was an extraordinarily loud kisser! He later admitted to having partaken of a few vodkas backstage before coming on. Unfortunately Pattinson and grumpy Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart aren’t going to talk about their tempestuous off-screen relationship during any of the promotion for the movie… If I didn’t know better I would say studio execs and publicists cook up all this tripe to create a buzz around a very dull little franchise… But I do know better so OMG I can’t wait to see if R-Patz and K-Stew stay together because they totes make such a cute couple etc etc.

‘Rapper causes offence, people shocked!’ That’s right, rapper Pitbull has caused controversy as his latest video for yet another thoughtful and soul-searching tune, Don’t Stop the Party, has been banned from TV in the US as it features among other travesties, fully nude women, provocative stroking and product placement of a well-known vodka. THAT MONSTER!!! Oh and the video’s below… for research purposes and that yeah?

And finally Example, never one to avoid saying what he thinks, has managed to offend the entire town of Wigan after observing on Twitter that most of the abuse he gets seems to come from natives of the town famous for it’s pies (it is, look it up). He was then, of course, subjected to further abuse and even death threats before making the front page of the Wigan Evening Post under the headline ‘Bad Example’ (see what they did there?) So while American rappers get into trouble for having too many babes in their birthday suits in videos, our home-grown ones go to war with northern mill towns… God bless this realm!

Published on IAMMusic.TV, 8th Nov 2012

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