JoeBusiness ::: X Factor, Scientology and Tom Daley Naked


Welcome to JoeBusiness, a brand new weekly blog from me, Joe Forrester… is the clever title starting to make sense now? Every week I’ll be casting my eye over the week’s happenings in the land of entertainment and celebrity while upholding the most serious journalistic standards and in no way be using it as an excuse to post photos of fit birds wearing very little.

I’m not sure if you’re aware but apparently a new James Bond film or something came out last week? Skyfall, enjoyed the second-highest ever grossing opening weekend in the UK, taking £20.1 million and only being beaten to the top spot by the final Harry Potter movie. Bond can rest assured though that wand or no wand, he could kick the little magic nerd’s head in. Many are calling it the best Bond ever and look out for a review on IAmMusic very soon to learn more pumpkins.

The X Factor this weekend saw the exit of young Mum [irrelevant heart-string tugging info] Jade Ellis after a sing-off with Union J – they’re one of the groups that’s a bit like One Direction who are purely in the competition on the virtue of being young lads who manage not to look like sick on a plate. However, Tulisa was quick to comfort Jade, the only way Camden girls know how, with a night on the tiles.

One of my favourite stories of this week is the sad tale of Jason Sullivan, next door neighbour to Tom Cruise, who mistook the pocket-sized A-List Scientology enthusiast’s estate for his own and tried to break in when he was, for want of a better term, ‘absolutely smashed’. Poor Jason was promptly tasered by the on-site security before police were called. Sadly little Tom missed all these shenanigans as he was apparently away at the HQ of the Scientology movement in…drumroll please, is it Jerusalem? Or maybe the Himalayan foothills of Nepal? No, in Sussex.

Also this week, I covered the MCM Expo London Comic Con. Basically this is where tens of thousands of Sci-Fi, gaming and all sorts of fans converge on the Excel Centre for the weekend to check out the latest development in their particular passion and meet like-minded folk. One of the phenomena that was totally new to me is ‘CosPlay’. This is where people dress up in bonkers outfits and meet, compare and try and outdo one another. There are all sorts of different strands (not in the disease sense) and I spent the weekend surrounded by zombies, Japanese school girls, 7 foot Pokemon and a category I’ll call ‘miscellaneous’ (basically Christ knows what it is but it’s bloody scary) and my standard presenter uniform of ostentatiously skinny jeans and overly tight t-shirts had me feeling like, to be honest, a bit of a prick. I was lucky enough however to interview the cast of Misfits and Haven, CCH Hunter, Game of Thrones star Miltos Yerolemou, some rather lovely glamour models and star of Life’s Too Short star Warwick Davis. See  for all the videos and see pics of some of the best costumes here.

Annnd finally, cartoon-faced diving Disney prince Tom Daley posted a rather risqué pic to his Twitter page in an attempt to drum up new followers for his Keek account. So here you go ladies and gents, a man who specialises in making everyone around him wet… What? There’s quite the splash when he jumps into that pool! One thing I will say though… While he has the face of a cartoon prince and the torso of an Olympic athlete Daley appears to have the legs of a Greek lifeguard, so I wouldn’t care to even ruminate on what’s going on under that sign.

Published on IAmMusic.TV, 1st Nov 2012


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